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New Super premium posted by rise at 07-09-13 | Comments (9)

1-Scroll to remove all kind of running premium.(ItemMall).

2-New Super Premium.(ItemMall).

Arena update and skills posted by rise at 31-08-13 | Comments (8)

1-New avatar added at arena store.

2-Arena buff scrolls allow devil skill to use with it.

3-Destruction Smach skill knockback became 10% instead of 100%

4-Soul Smash skill fear became 5% instead of 15%

skills update. posted by rise at 24-08-13 | Comments (9)

1-God - Piercing Force Lvl 4 (30% damage Increase)
2-Ghost Walk - God Lv 9 (130% speed)
3-Heaven s Force Lvl 13 (Parry Rate 45 Increase)


1-Cold Armor Lvl 13 (400 Increase)

1-Vital Spot (Body) Lvl 8
2-Vital Spot (Mind) Lvl 7
3-Vital Spot (Zero) Lvl 6
4-Vital Spot (Brain) Lvl 5
5-Vital Spot (Faint) Lvl 3

1-Flame Body -God Lvl 4 (20% damage)
2-Flame Devil Force Lvl 13 (13% damage)


1-Ghost Spear - Bleed Soul (New)
2-Cheolsam Force Lvl 13 (8k HP)


1-Mind Concentration Lvl 13 (Attack rate 41 increase)


1-Fixed Destruction Smash lvl 3 (Bleed 13Level)
2-Soul Smash Lvl 1 (New)

BlackRes work till lvl 120 (due illegal use at fortress war)

Arena Update posted by rise at 24-08-13 | Comments (0)

We added 10% damagae increase scroll in arena store npc located at jangan.

You can use this scroll at pvp event.

Arena winner will get 5 Arena coins.
Arena Looser will get 0 Arena coins.

Silk online updated posted by rise at 24-08-13 | Comments (8)

1- Vote system shutdown.
2- online silk system became 2silk/hour instead of one.

Update 6-21-2013 posted by rise at 21-06-13 | Comments (27)
1- Increased drop rate for accessories items.

2- Fixed the Stack of Devil Magic Stone.

3- White angel spirit deleted from Item Mall.

4- Added drop immortal d14 to SilkroadStory Boss and RocBone.

5- Deleted the immortal d12 from dropping.

New update 4-30-2013 posted by rise at 30-04-13 | Comments (5)

1)Battle Arena reward changed to 300%speed for winner and loser will get nothing.

2)Boss Room added Contain [Death bone roc & SilkroadStory Boss].

3) Disabled notice Unique has appeared for new rooms.


New update 4-28-2013 posted by rise at 28-04-13 | Comments (5)

1) Exp and stones rate increased.

2) New rooms for Uniques added at jangan teleport.

3) Added new Custom Uniques will spam by [GM].

4)From 27 April till 31 April 50% discount on all silk prices.

5)125 Sun accessories added to Npc instead of 120.

6)New Avatar tradable now.


Celestial Knight Avatar (NEW) posted by rise at 24-04-13 | Comments (7)

Celestial Knight Avatar (NEW)

update 3-11-2013 posted by rise at 10-03-13 | Comments (21)

1-Capture the flag reward changed to Elixirs.

2-Fixed drop of nova warlock.

3-Increased thieves amount from trade pets (1* - 2 thieves, 2* - 4 thieves and so on)

4-Optimized database.

5-Job system became better from 100lvl, we recommend you to check it now.

6-Special buffs for thieves, hunters and traders.

7-Resetted job exp(exp still under maintenance).

8-Small fixes (Devil spirit in IM, goods from Roc Mountain and so on)

9-Weekly rewards for top traders, thieves and hunters.

10-Database backup.


Update 2-15-2013 posted by rise at 14-02-13 | Comments (22)

1- Reducing the price of titles.

2- VIP logo.

3- New room for new players to power level.

4- fix tabs stack problem.

5- Enabled trade pet.
6- Database backup.

Update 2-8-2013 posted by rise at 08-02-13 | Comments (20)

1- New silkroad-r skills.

2- Some new titles for gold.

3- Fix size of Deathbone.

4- Replace Samarkand with 120+mobs

5- Improve interface.

6 - Fix d11 moon items.

7 - Minor fixes.

8 - Database backup.

[FINISHED]-50% on all prices of silk posted by rise at 06-02-13 | Comments (13)

Event of silk has been finished.

-50% on all prices of silk posted by rise at 01-02-13 | Comments (32)

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New update posted by rise at 30-01-13 | Comments (22)

Game will be down for some minutes due update, Update contain the following:-

1-New Unique (DeathBone) Lvl 130, Spawn only by GM.

2-D11 Som items at npc for new players.

3- Warrior skill damage fixed (Hell Crazy).

4- Size of fellow pets reduced.

5- Some unnecessary items at item mall removed.

6 - Database Backup.


Vote is working now. posted by rise at 28-01-13 | Comments (116)

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Check our new website posted by rise at 27-01-13 | Comments (27)

We Have new website now check it please.

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